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Welcome to gates4you

Metal Gates in Leicester & Derby

Here at Gates 4 You is the gate automation website of Access Controls. We hope you will find it helpful and informative. Inside the site you will find information on gates, both wooden and metal gates, and various types of automation available throughout Leicester, Derby and the surrounding areas. We are the Midlands area leading installer for CAME (Gate Automation Equipment). Our metal gates installations have been based round their wide product range for over 10 years. Our engineers regularly attend training courses organised to increase their knowledge of the product safety and installation methods.

Security Gates in Leicester & Derby

In today's hectic work and home environments you can also add another level of security and convenience for you, your home and your family, with the latest security gates & automation products and entrance solutions from Access Controls, available in Leicester, Derby and the surrounding areas.

Consider the following points:

  • Security for your family and home when yourself or the family are not around - accessing your property is restricted by automated gates
  • The ablity for your family to check who each caller is before they've knocked on your front door, with the different options on audio/video intercom system and controls or activation of the controlled gates from inside your property
  • Protecting your children when they are playing out on the drive and your piece of mind whilst in the house knowing that the ability to access your home from the road is controlled and barred by you.
  • Your pride and joy parked on your property, secure from thieves any time of the day or night, as access to and from the road is restricted by an automated gate system

Taking into account these considerations, Access Controls allows you the home owner to control all access from and to you home, provides security for you, your property & belongings and most importantly your family all with ease, with the touch of a button with one of our security gates.

We have many types of designs of entrance gates available; you may already have gates fitted, which enhance the look of your home. The question that arises is "How do I automate my gates and whose equipment and installation methods do I choose to satisfy my wish list at the right price?"

Which Gate System Is Right For Me?

How to build a wish list for your ideal system

  • Existing gates or new gates?
  • Timber of Steel?
  • To swing open or slide?
  • How do you want to control access?

Existing gates or new gates?

It is generally possible to convert most existing manual gates to automatic; your Access Controls approved installer will be able to offer you advice to any changes that may be necessary.

It is important to consider the physical condition of gateposts and existing gates, timber or steel to ensure that they are suitable for automation and that any posts are suitable for mounting gate operators and accessories.

If you are considering a new installation, our surveyor will be able to advise you or your contractor the exact requirement regarding post sizes, positions, suitable gates and any cable provisions etc.

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