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Metal Automated Gates in Leicester & Derby

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Don't worry about gate weight height or hinge geometry, our approved surveyor will be able to advise you as to the best automated gates for your specific needs. We work throughout Leicester, Derby and the surrounding areas, so be sure to give us a call and we will come and give you a free no obligation quote. With over 10 years experience, you can be confident that Gates 4 You can take care of any automated gate services that you may require in Leicester and Derby.

Our experienced and professional team of installers are always on time and produce the best quality of work in the region when it comes to automated gates and a whole range of other automated systems.

Automatic Gates Leicester & Derby

Having automatic gates that open at just the click of a button, or even open automatically when you get close can save you time and effort, especially if you're in a rush. These gates are also very good for security, stopping anyone from just walking or driving onto your property. If you're interested in getting a quote to have some automatic gates installed in Leicester or Derby, then give Gates 4 You a call on 0116 236 6044.

Electric Gates Leicester & Derby

Having electric gates can make it so much easier to get in and out of your driveway or property, whether it's your home or your work. It's great for security as it will stop any unwanted people getting onto your property. Electric gates come in a wide range of types, swing, sliding, wooden, metal and more. So give us a call today to learn more about our range of electric gates and how they could improve the security of your property. We supply and install all of our electronic gates at very competitive prices.

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Safety & Security

Underground Mechanical Swing - Click HereClick Here

Underground mechanical swing gates have been designed so that they are hidden underground making it the gate's bottom hinge and as such, a ver sturdy and almost completely invisible product, which doesn't affect the aesthetics of your home or business' entrance way. It has a completely water tight motor unit (rated at IP67) and we install it within a solid foundation case made out of rustproof steel. With the option of an emergency release from either side of the gate using a standard lever or key release, it makes it a safe and easy to use gate. We do offer special operation levers which allow up to 180 degrees of opening for a bigger management of the space available. This is a popular choice for both domestic & commercial applications.

Underground Hydraulic Swing - Click HereClick Here

Designed to is concealed underground becoming the bottom gate hinge and as such, an extremely sturdy and like the above product is virtually invisible. Unlike other underground motors the underground hydraulic swing operator comes with a built-in hydraulic pump, meaning you won't have to look at any pump units that are installed above ground. The good thing about hydraulic drives are that they have far fewer moving parts than they do mechanical equivalents, the greatest advantage being the movement of a large and heavy gate leaf with ease. Also housed within steel foundation case. These systems offer the options of emergency release directly from the motor cover. Units offer 180 degrees of opening as standard. A superb choice for heavy - Domestic / Residential / Commercial applications.

Gate Mounted Swing (Hydraulic or Mechanical)- Click HereClick Here

Hydraulic or Mechanical

Generally these are a more cost effective gate automation solution than what underground systems offers. mechanical pistons or Electro-hydraulic are installed onto the back of each of your gate leaf. This form of gate automation is a very popular option for five bar wooden gates usually used on farms, however, it is just as suited to most if not all timber and most designs of wrought iron gate. However, on certain installs it might be necessary to take out quite a tiny section of the post or alternatively, have suitable fixing brackets made to meet the required geometry. A wide variety of models are available for most standard gate leaves and heavy gate leaves of up to 6 metres. A superb choice for both for heavy- Domestic / Residential / Commercial applications.

Gate Mounted Swing (Articulated Arm) - Click HereClick Here

These types of swings were brought in as a money saving and flexible answer to gate automation. It has been designed to defeat a whole range of problems during installations, which was previously found to prevent the automation of certain gates, especially the types with large gateposts. Motors that are electro-mechanical which have an articulated arm fitted, meaning that the it's a lot easier and more flexible to position the motorised gate unit away from the hinges of the gate. It also opens the gates up to 125 degrees and a gate leaf of 2 meters and 200kg in weight. This type of system offers great flexibility to vast selection of existing domestic and light residential gates.

Sliding Gate Operators (Rack & Pinion) - Click HereClick Here

Gates 4 You offer a wide variety of models in order to cope with all large and small sliding and cantilever gate systems. The motor units are particularly space saving and are secure, it has a locking release mechanism which is there in case of a power failure. Some systems also offer a battery back-up and also the option for radio emergency release via a spare programmed button on your remote control. Sliding gate motors can operate gates weighing up to 2200kgs.

Photocells - Click HereClick Here

An infra-red beam across the opening prevents the gate from closing whilst a vehicle or other obstruction is present. Essential for safety if the gates are not visible when opening. A typically installation where the gates are programmed for automatic closure a second inner set of safety beams would be installed on larger residential and commercial projects it's quite normal to have two sets of beams installed at low and high levels; these added units offer additional protection from high-sided vehicles.

Safety Ribs - Click HereClick Here

Safety RIBS offer additional safety where an entrapment situation is apparent, units can be directly mounted to the gates normally on the opening face leading edges, and installed on the horizontal or vertical sections of the gates, when the safety edge comes into contact with a vehicle or obstruction a contact is made giving the safety command to stop or reverse the gate command. Safety RIBS installation is paramount with Sliding and Cantilever gate systems as Shearing / Trapping and Crushing are much greater threat on this type of automation.

Vehicle Safety Induction Loops - Click HereClick Here

Vehicle detection loops with controllers can be installed discreetly under tarmac / block pavers or ground surface, and allow the presence of vehicles to give a stop or reverse command to the gate controls, this option is normally installed when inner beams cannot be installed due to drive way space and gate opening requirements.

External Warning Equipment - Click HereClick Here

On most commercial sliding and barrier and bollard control systems it is usual to install a flashing warning beacon, this can be mounted on an adjacent gate support or pillar, or on a suitable purpose installed post. In some cases an external low tone sounder is also installed to complement the beacon. Units offer visual and audible warning when automating is in operation. These types of equipment are normally installed to industrial and commercial projects.

Locking Systems - Click HereClick Here

The majority of automated operators offer a degree of in-built locking, mechanical mainly; however some hydraulic systems can lock when not operational. It is recommended to install an additional electronic locking device if the gate leaf exceeds 1.8 meters. The are several locking options these are magnetic / solenoid / magnetic shear/ hook bolt/ & spring loaded manual lock. All systems are suitable with varying holding forces for domestic / commercial / and residential applications. Our surveyor will advise you as to the best locking option for your automation project.

Intercom Systems - Click HereClick Here

Intercom System

Here at Gates 4 You we can provide a large variety of video and audio intercom systems including anti-vandal stainless steel and ornate brass units, allowing you to see and hear, or just hear any visitors that come to your property, and you can activate the gates from your house or business property. Vetting visitors for access couldn't be easier with these systems. Wireless / GSM (mobile SIM card) and telephone interface options are available allowing you to answer you existing telephone for a visitor.

Keypad Entry - Click HereClick Here

Keypad Entry

A wide range of digital key-pads are available in various finishes, flush or surface mounted, all allowing a simple 4 or advanced 8 digit code to be entered to release your gates, this scenario is ideal for friends and family, or simply out for a walk with a remote control, these options can be incorporated into intercom systems. Within our keypads usually a second code can be added this can enable the gates to be left open for a function as required.

Remote Controls - Click HereClick Here

Radio controls unique security frequency allows the operator to open the gates without getting out of the car. Units generally offer 2 or 4 button options enabling a second set of gates or an existing automated garage door can be installed with another receiver allowing your gate remote to also operate together with the existing garage door controls. Access Controls can also incorporate lighting and additional security devices to spare buttons on your remote control. Ask our surveyor for additional options.

Timer Controls - Click HereClick Here

Digital auto BST timers allow any controlled gate system to open and close at selected times of the day or to time restrict access by remote control to certain people (i.e. the postman could have remote control or a push button could be installed that only operated between 6am and 8am). Most gate systems offer a pedestrian opening function this allows the gate or first to open gate (if a pair are installed) to open to 1 metre allowing a pedestrian access point.

Vehicle Induction Loops - Click HereClick Here

Vehicle detection loops with controllers can be installed discreetly under tarmac / block pavers or ground surface, and allow the presence of vehicles to open the gates leaving it free for entry and exit. Timers can be used to restrict the operation of these units allowing entry and exit as required.

GSM Auto Gate Opener - Click HereClick Here

The GSM controller allows a SIM card mobile phone number using any mobile provider to be programmed within the controls. The units allows up to 300 telephone numbers (mobile or land-line to be stored) once stored in the memory. The main Sim card number can be given to friends and family or whoever you wish to give access too, once they dial your gate number, providing they are stored within the memory the contact will pulse and then drop the call. This function will open your gates with no on-going mobile charges. These units can be used for a variety of switch tasks from anywhere with a mobile signal, i.e. Heating / Lighting / Hot-water / Garden sprinklers etc.