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Tips For Improving The Security of Your Commercial Property

Posted on by Gates4You

Imagine the disruption that a break-in could cause to your business. Having effective and reliable security measures in place is the best way to protect your premises and its contents, which are likely to include valuable assets and essential equipment that enables you to do your job.

At Access Control Solutions, we help business owners and organisations keep their offices, factory units, retail sites and commercial premises safe and secure. Here are five of the most effective ways we can do the same for your own commercial property.

1. Security gates

A set of sturdy security gates acts as a strong visual deterrent to potential intruders and can help restrict unauthorised entry to your premises. Gate automation makes it easier for authorised visitors to access your site, but also enables you to add an extra layer of security with a keypad, proximity reader or biometric finger scanner.

2. Access control

Secure entry systems not only prevent unwanted visitors accessing your site, but also enable you to restrict access to specific areas of your commercial property – for example when an area is off-limits to the public, or a room contains sensitive material that not all staff can have access to. Options range from a simple keypad to a high security biometric finger scanner which offers a foolproof level of protection.

3. Intercom and door entry systems

Managing who has access to your site is much easier when you have a door entry system in place. Many modern systems feature a colour video monitor alongside a two-way intercom, which enables you to visually verify who is at the door before allowing entry to your premises.

Wireless intercom systems are also available which allow you to monitor the entrance to your commercial property from anywhere on site, which is a good solution if you don’t have reception staff.


CCTV provides the peace of mind that your business premises are being monitored even out of hours, and CCTV cameras can also act as a great visual deterrent to potential criminals. The latest surveillance systems can also be viewed and controlled remotely via a secure computer or mobile phone connection, so you can keep a close eye on your property at any time.

CCTV also ensures that, should a break-in or other incident occur, a high quality video recording will be captured and saved.

5. Alarm systems

An alarm system remains one of the most effective ways to protect your commercial property. Additional features such as perimeter sensors and lighting can also be integrated with your alarm system for added peace of mind, while personal security alarms can also be provided for businesses where staff are at risk. Many security alarms also combine fire and carbon monoxide warning systems, offering protection for your premises on all fronts.

Before installing any security system, we begin with a site visit and risk assessment to understand your requirements and help us recommend the best solution for your business. To find out more or book an appointment with our team, get in touch.

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