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How do Automatic Gates Work

Posted on by Gates4You

Automatic gates have become increasingly popular over the years, adding safety and convenience to a home or business. Nowadays, these gates can be made in all shapes and sizes for driveways that are really small or large but how to these gates actually work? If you are interested in learning more about how they work then take a read of our guide below.

Opening and Closing the Gate

Automatic gates are made up of various different components that combine to make the wonderful piece of machinery that you use today. They generally consist of motors which are in charge of moving the gate, a sensor to tell them when it is safe to close and a mechanism which receives a signal telling it to open and close.

Generally, gates are opened and closed using a transmitter, this comes in the form or a remote or fob, most of the time. Once you have clicked a button on this remote, a signal will be transmitted to the gate telling it to open or close.

The Frequency of Your Gate

There are two frequencies we use for gates in the UK 433MHz and 868MHz. Transmitters and receivers must have the same frequency to work, however, the remote itself may use a different coding technique.

If you want a new remote for your gate it will only work when the frequency and coding are correct. Once the receiver gets a signal from a connected remote the gate knows it should act accordingly.

Alternative Access Control Solutions

Remotes are not the only way to operate automatic gates, there are other types of access control too. One common example is having a button on the gate which visitors can buzz which sends a signal to the house so you can either grant permission or not. Other options include intercoms and keypads which help to keep your home safe but working in a similar way by transmitting signals.

Arrange Your Driveway Gate Installation

Whether you are looking into getting an automatic gate or maybe you are having troubles with your current gate, whatever it is we are here to help. Give us a call on 0116 236 6044 or fill out our online contact form.

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