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The Prices & Materials of Electric House Gates

Posted on by Gates4You

When it comes to choosing the material for your gate you might be overwhelmed with the variety of options. The two most popular options are typically metal or wood for an electric gate, however, these materials can be looked at in a lot more detail where you will find anything from wrought iron and stainless steel to softwood and oak.

All these options are great but in order to decide which is right for you, you’ll need to go back to the basics and compare whether wood or metal is the right style for your property.

Wooden Gates


Wooden gates have a unique appearance that lasts for years and looks just as good when it ages. People often assume that metal is the more durable option, however, wood is now treated and better engineered than it used to be. This makes it a just as durable option, while also having a more appealing appearance.

As previously mentioned, there are so many varieties of wood and metal, however, generally when choosing your material, wood is the cheaper option to buy and maintain. Although the oil you need to coat the gate in can be expensive you only need a small amount of it so it can last you a long time. The paint you coat metal gates in can be expensive too, although, this can be a lot more difficult to apply and very fiddly due to there being lots of bars as opposed to one flat surface.

The design of wooden fences can also work out as an advantage. With metal gates, they are usually lots of long poles that are spaced out along the gate. Although wooden gates can be made in a similar style, wooden electric gates are usually made with no gaps in between, which is better for your privacy.

Metal Gates


Although wooden gates have a unique natural look to them, metal gates can be made into a vast range of original designs with different shapes and patterns all over it. Whatsmore is that you won’t even have to touch it for 10-15 years, as it requires little-to-no maintenance due to it being an extremely durable material.

Metal is also a long stronger than wood, making it a lot harder for someone to break in, compared to wooden gates which could be broken into a lot easier and quieter with the right tools. Because of the safety they can provide to a property, it means that they could also add value to your home when it is time to sell.

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Now that you have evaluated both materials it is time to look more in-depth as to which one is right for you. If you would like any advice then fill out our online contact form or call us on 0116 236 6044. 


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